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Michele over at Meanderings is hosting this week's Carnival of the Recipes. [Read More]

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This week's Carnival of the Recipes is up! Thanks to the lovely Michele of Meanderings for hosting! Everything looks soooo yummy!... [Read More]

Are you hungry? Head over to Meanderings and have a bite of this week's edition of the Carnival of the Recipes. Cheers! [Read More]

» CARNIVAL OF THE RECIPES #44 from Blog d'Elisson
This week’s Carnival of the Recipes is up at Meanderings. Read ’em and eat! [Read More]

» Carnival of recipes from Owlish Mutterings
The latest carnival is up. Salsa Potato Salad sounds interesting. Thai pork salad is probably good, and has some interesting steps [turning rice into powder, for instance. Skillet chicken, kinda italian, tomatoey. Burritos, pan fried or baked. And fina... [Read More]

» Meanderings: Carnival of Recipes from Anywhere But Here
Enjoy!! In this Carnival you'll find recipes for Thai Pork Salad (Larb Moo)... Bacon, Zucchini & Tomato Quiche... and even Candyaki Fruit Kebabs. Plus all kinds of others. [Read More]

» Carnival of Recipes is Up! from One Happy Dog Speaks
The Carnival of Recipes is up and ready for reading. Thanks to Michele of Meanderings. Great job! [Read More]

» Y'all come... to the Carnival (of the Recipes) from Cathouse Chat
The buffet table's spread and there's more food than a Baptist covered dish supper at Michelle's place (Meanderings)... [Read More]

» Carnival of the Recipes Is Up from Accidental Verbosity

Meanderings has the latest Carnival of the Recipes for your cooking pleasure.

[Read More]

» Saturday Olio from Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys..
First up - SWWBO's The Carnival of the Recipes is up, hosted by Michele of Meanderings! MCart buried this in the comments of the party thread - but it's too good for this former Dungeon Master to not put on... [Read More]

» Carnival of the Recipes from Technicalities
This week Michele of Meanderings is hosting the Recipe Fest! There are so many great things ready for you to make a list and head to the store. Head on over and check it out. Michele did a terrific job.... [Read More]

» Spanish Tortilla from CatHouse Chat
A proper Spanish tortilla is not the same as a Mexican tortilla. It has its own flavor, and it is more like a frittata or omlette... Nevertheless, it has it's own style... **** READ THIS WHOLE RECIPE BEFORE YOU COOK [Read More]

» How to Be a Carioca 101-The Two Dogs Way from Mean Ol' Meany
Welcome all from the Carnival of Recipes. If you actually use this recipe at the start of your reading of the Carnival, I promise all the food is going to be great. Even if you have to improvise some ingredients. [Read More]

» Carnival of Recipes #44 is up from News from the Great Beyond
Michele at Meanderings has taken on the daunting task of hosting this week, and there are a bunch of spectacular offerings to choose from... My personal favorites (adding to the lengthy [Read More]

» Mmm. Food. from margi lowry *dot* com
Meanderings is hosting the Carnival of the Recipies. Mmm. Food. Food is good. And as I say for everything that I probably should only be doing in moderation: Baby needs it! Great job! ... [Read More]

» Carnival of the Recipes from Morning Coffee
#44 is up! [Read More]

» Carnival of the Recipes from Blog o'RAM
It is a tasty edition of the carnival over at Meanderings. I forgot to submit a recipe this week. OOOPS. Perhaps this explains why.... [Read More]

» Carnival of the Recipes #44 from The Glittering Eye
The 44th edition of the Carnival of the Recipes, a selection of recipes from some of the best cooks in the blogosphere, is now available for your reading, cooking, and eating pleasure. Our hostess this week is Michele of Meanderings.... [Read More]

» Carnival of Recipes! from And What Next...
I'm hungry, so very hungry after checking out this week's at Meanderings. There's a buffet of recipes, go check it out!... [Read More]

» The Carnival of the Recipes is UP from Boudicca's Voice
The Carnival of the Recipes is UP! Y'all must go take a look. We've been eating well this year in the house of Bou as I go to the Carnival every week and pick up new recipes. Seriously. Go. Michele... [Read More]

» Carnival of the Recipes #44 from Geek Can Cook
The Carnival of the Recipes #44 is up, hosted by Michele at Meanderings. As always, oodles of tasty recipes for your cooking pleasure! [Read More]

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The latest Carnival of the Recipes is available at Michele's Meanderings.

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» This Week from Feisty Repartee
There's a lot going on this week. For various personal reasons, I am going to take care of some business right off the bat. MONDAY: Here is a preview of the this week's Take Two, Part III for Friday: An... [Read More]

» Carnival of the Recipes from Let's Play Restaurant!
Lots of good stuff, as always! [Read More]

» Carnival of the Recipes from She Who Will Be Obeyed!
I have been so fricking busy with work and traveling and stuff that I am behind in linking to all our carnival hosts who are just wonderful, out of this world folks. Michele is our latest hostess, and did a... [Read More]

» Carnivals from The Common Room
The Carnival of Recipes is making me hungry. *licks lips* [Read More]

» Carnival of the Recipes from Dewey's Treehouse
Michele at the Meanderings blog has posted the latest Carnival of Recipes, which includes our Dinner with the Squirrels post as well as the Common Room family recipe for Beet Salad. Check it out. [Read More]

» Music Portal Website from Music/ audio / mp3 resources
Most MP3 portals have overcome this by using a combination of user registration, pre-authorisation and transaction batching or polling... [Read More]